Friday, December 02, 2005

Beautiful People.- Parody

Manisha Lakhe.

This piece from Caferati Blog,


With due apologies, I am twisting around a breathtakingly wonderful poem :)

Beautiful People.

I used to look like you
people working from 9 till 5
of missing their trains,
Your middle class apperance
was distasteful to me.

You cringed ,
when I passed by,
afraid to catch a whiff
of the stale mogra
as our paths crossed.

But I've been touched
by the magical brush of
the makeover man
and I guess most of you
who now cross my path
just gape at me in awe.

You saw me run for the train,
twist my ankle and trip,
You rolled your eyes,
and carried on with you life.

You spotted me,
at market place or
at crowded coffee shops,
never spared another glance

You did not see me at all!
All you saw was
another plain Ben,
crowding the city Malls.

You bumped into me
at the bookshop,
you moved away
a patronizing smile later,
thinking I smell of chameli oil.

You don’t know, but
Now I smell of snow lillies,
and the elusive smell of
imported musk..

I am sorry, but I avoid
the non a/c halls.
and the out door events, you see.

Would I really allow
the sun and the wind
to rough up my body?

The stars in my eyes
are purest swarowski,
And my heart has
room only for one,

For I have been touched
by the magical brush
of the makeover man.