Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coffee, hot coffee !!!

[These are a few thoughts on my favorite brew ! So let's take a coffee break.]


Coffee, hot coffee-
with poison fumes,
like a cobra uncoiling
lazily from my cup.

Coffee strong coffee-
not everyone's brew,
it takes a strong heart.


Lukewarm coffee,
sugarless and bitter,
like love gone stale.....

Bile rises in my throat,
Stale smoke in the room
or is it this lukewarm coffee ?

How about getting me a tea?
anything is better
than a lukewarm coffee.


Waiter, bring me a cup of strong coffee,
and don't hand me that menu card.
I do not crave the brazilian blend
Just get me my usual, good ol' 'Kaapee'.

Waiter, bring me a fresh cup of coffee,
No! Do not take away the old cup.
Let me live with the illusion for awhile,
That She was here, the one who didn't show up.