Monday, June 02, 2008

Break- a poem by Avi das

Have you ever
Held your patience to test
To put together
A broken China doll?

Join you may with loving care
Make near invisible the cracks
And erase many a tear
But never again can make it whole!

For those of us
Who seek to break
That which we have
For that which we don’t

It may pay
To try and bring
Together some smithereens
And from it to know

A mirror cracked
May be rejoined
But can never reflect
A whole!


Limericks !

A few old Limericks which belong here.


I have this problem you see-
Every one I meet with I disagree -
There are different kinds-
With different sets of minds-
I wish the world had a few mores like- ME !!


I thought I would write a limerick or two
As it was a holiday-I had nothing else to do
Rhyming words is such a fun
I can think of hundred and one-
It’s the form and the meter and the rhythm that I cant quite get a grip on to.


Such dear little girl was Fanny.
So- trusting –so sweet –real honey.
She met wicked Clive
Who took her for a Drive
And her mommy is now a Granny.


Good ,Bad & Ugly went to town
Their sorrows they wanted to drown-
In a bottle of cheap booze
But they fought o’er a Flooze
Now Good N Bad are Dead- & Ugly has left the town


Poor Einstine was sad,
His math book was all that he had
His teachers they failed him
His friends they nailed him

Because E=mc2 was just too rad !!!!


Leo Da Vinci went to Florence
With a plan to impress the Lawrence-

Of Medici you know-
But had to run from the law

Thus-Poor Leo Vinci Left Florence.