Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rain Haikus

The rain has inspired the haikus posted here.
Will keep adding to them.

Little paper boat
Bravely rides the swirling stream.
June is here.


Teachers droning in the class
on rhythms and rhymes.
Butterflies are dancing in the rain.


The Magical Romance of Freddy the Frog.

Hi folks ,
this is a work under construction. Any suggestions will be most welcome.


Among the reeds,
munching the weeds,
Freddy the frog sat
singing his love song

Ribbid ! Ribbid! Ribbid!

Freddy was a frog
with blue blood in his veins,
His great great uncle Ness.
had kissed a true Princess.

“When the sun meets the rain,

then under a rainbow

The magic takes place”,
Freddy was told
by his grandma Grace!

“Here I am and
there the rainbow,

but where
oh! where is

the princess mine!”
He looked skywards
for a heavenly sign.

Jogging along she came,
on the winding path ahead,
in a red track suit and
a red band round her head

Panting hard, with
a hand on her heart
she slumped against a tree.

Freddy quivered
like a young tadpole!
His indomitable heart
joyously sang,
she the one! This is she!

Ribbid ! Ribbid! Ribbid!

Freddy hopped closer,
and uttered a respectful

Ribbid! Ribbid ! Ribbid!

She stifled a scream
then bent to look at him

The sun, the rain and rainbow,
in fact,
the whole dang universe
seemed to conspire
to assist.
So Freddy leaped
like a lightening
And smacked
one ardent kiss on her lips.

Oh ! she said !
Ooooo!! she cooed
with love light in her eyes,
and tenderly whispered
in his eager ear

“Ribbid! Ribbid! Ribbid!”