Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Dragon and The Caterpillar.

What a lovely day it is
The Caterpillar thought
As she climbed down from the tree

What’s that shiny thing over there
May be I should
Go in the meadow and see

She scurried down
On her hundred little toes
And reached
A shiny green mountain was it ?

It seemed like a creature,
And It definitely moved…
She climbed up and shouted –
as politely as she could-


The Dragon was shaken
out of his reveries
And cautiously opened one eye
And then both

And stared .. astonished
At Something very small
sitting on the tip of his nose !!

And Demanding to know Who HE was !
He had never in his life seen
anything so small

The Dragon, a polite and peaceful guy
Who liked nothing better than
Dozing in the sun and
Blowing smoke rings
through his nose,

He searched his brain for a suitable reply
‘I am a Dragon.. I think least
That’s what I have been told !!

Now if you don’t mind-
Pray tell me what YOU are,
If I may be so bold ?

The Caterpillar pondered
Confused and replied ,
I am green, I am shiny..
I think I am a Dragon too,

A little Dragon now, I know,
But I’ll grow up
And become a BIG Dragon
With wings and smoke-
Just like you.

The dragon cocked his head
trying to take a good look
From side to side.

She didn’t look like any dragon
He had ever seen
Little or otherwise,

But he was a polite and peaceful guy
Who liked nothing better than
dozing in the sun
Blowing smoke rings
through his nose.

So He decided to hold his peace,
and nodded
Almost dislodging poor Caterpillar
from her perch.

There sprang between them
a beautiful friendship.
They told each other
the forest gossip.

The Dragon loved to hear
The secrets of the forest
And The Caterpillar loved to watch
the fire and smoke.

Every now and then she tried to blow,
A few rings of her own !

Together they planned
to roam the far lands

And one day caterpillar
Went home to sleep...Yawn !!

The Dragon, Not quite understanding
Where his friend has gone.
He waited in the meadow,
Patient, but forlorn.

She woke with a start,
Was it hours ? was it days ?
Poor Dragon must be waiting !

She rushed down the tree
On her hundred little.. toes ??
Where were her toes ?
What were these
Long black spindly things ?!
She couldn’t climb down
and clumsily lost her footing

and down
she fell,
with wind
past her
as she fell
the ground…..

....and bright wings
unfurled themselves
and she floated !!!

She had WINGS !
Bright Yellow
with red dots on,
Now she too was a Dragon !

She flew to him Happily
And shouted “Hey! Look at Me !!"

The Dragon looked
at the little patch of color
Dancing in the air joyously

His little friend was Back !
And just LOOK at her !!
He watched entranced.
the Butterfly’s dance.

The Caterpillar-now a Butterfly
On her favorite perch she sat,
Now that she too had wings,
It was time to start.

They traveled the far
and Unknown lands
experiencing the world anew.

That she wasn’t a dragon,
The Butterfly never ever knew,

And the Dragon? He kept his peace
A big truth he had seen
Outside we may be different kinds,
But we're all Dragons within.


Twisted Humor Inc. said...

this one's become one of my favourites...

Anonymous said...

this one s amazing. will keep visitin for more!

Kiran said...

reminded me of roald dahl ! maybe I am praising you too much !! let me just say, this rocks :)

david raphael israel said...

Hi Suniti! --

your wonderful reading of this poem, -- I suppose around 2-3 a.m.? -- atop the Sinhagad hill, is among my happy memories of the Pune/Mumbai read-meet, nearly a month ago already.

I'd been meaning to write you and ask to see this poem written out. Glad to find you've blogged it.


ps: have you seen The Accidental Elephant?

hawk lady said...

just loved this one.. dont know if I told you that..

Mobius said...