Sunday, August 20, 2006

An ode to the Metrosexual Man

Who or why or what or where
Is this phenomenon,
A Metrosexual man ?

His hair is streaked,
His nails are buffed
His face has a Mediterranean tan.

In the bygone days
When Guy were guys
And girls rejoiced in being girls,

There was no question
Who slept at nights,
With hair trussed in kinky curls.

Pastel pinks,
And minty greens
Real men never ever touched.

Give them denims,
Charcoal or khakis
A pinstriped shirt a fashion “must”.

It sounds boring
I know that there
Should be a fine tuned balance.

But a metrosexual man
is the only one who -
can tell a frill from a valance.

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