Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coffee, hot coffee !!!

[These are a few thoughts on my favorite brew ! So let's take a coffee break.]


Coffee, hot coffee-
with poison fumes,
like a cobra uncoiling
lazily from my cup.

Coffee strong coffee-
not everyone's brew,
it takes a strong heart.


Lukewarm coffee,
sugarless and bitter,
like love gone stale.....

Bile rises in my throat,
Stale smoke in the room
or is it this lukewarm coffee ?

How about getting me a tea?
anything is better
than a lukewarm coffee.


Waiter, bring me a cup of strong coffee,
and don't hand me that menu card.
I do not crave the brazilian blend
Just get me my usual, good ol' 'Kaapee'.

Waiter, bring me a fresh cup of coffee,
No! Do not take away the old cup.
Let me live with the illusion for awhile,
That She was here, the one who didn't show up.


John said...

Hey Suniti,

I like this on coffee. Nothing to beat the Kappee. Remember the chant at railway stations "kappi kappi kappieeeyeeeee"



Mariah said...

You write very well.