Sunday, February 25, 2007

For Grandma

I have now understood,

The meaning of the songs

she crooned to me.

The mumble jumble words,

the touch of her wrinkled hands

on my young cheeks.

The murmurs in the dark,

Filling me with reassurance,

I know their meanings now.

They were the memories

which she had inherited

from her mother,

along with her blood,

And she from hers.

I see her eyes in my mirror,

And her smile

Smiles back at me

Like a blessing.

A shared treasury

of memories, and shared blood

Passed on faithfully.

now my inheritance.

Who do I pass it on to?


AmitMakwana said...

happy woman's day to the respected!
u r the source of inspiration my friend!
wish u all the successes dear!
happy woman's day my dear!

Anonymous said...

Suni----do u realise your own potential?

What an eloquent poem.....!!!!!!Ii cud just picture the whole thing....

Keep it up.....