Monday, June 02, 2008

Limericks !

A few old Limericks which belong here.


I have this problem you see-
Every one I meet with I disagree -
There are different kinds-
With different sets of minds-
I wish the world had a few mores like- ME !!


I thought I would write a limerick or two
As it was a holiday-I had nothing else to do
Rhyming words is such a fun
I can think of hundred and one-
It’s the form and the meter and the rhythm that I cant quite get a grip on to.


Such dear little girl was Fanny.
So- trusting –so sweet –real honey.
She met wicked Clive
Who took her for a Drive
And her mommy is now a Granny.


Good ,Bad & Ugly went to town
Their sorrows they wanted to drown-
In a bottle of cheap booze
But they fought o’er a Flooze
Now Good N Bad are Dead- & Ugly has left the town


Poor Einstine was sad,
His math book was all that he had
His teachers they failed him
His friends they nailed him

Because E=mc2 was just too rad !!!!


Leo Da Vinci went to Florence
With a plan to impress the Lawrence-

Of Medici you know-
But had to run from the law

Thus-Poor Leo Vinci Left Florence.

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Ayesha said...

Suniti!! Loved theses!! 3 and 4 were my favourites.. but 1 is in another category altogether, it sounds too much like me :p