Sunday, August 24, 2008

Orange sings the blues.

[I declare this is NOT a GPF]

Orange was sad,
for it never had no rhyme.
He wished he had a dime
for every time he wished a rhyme.

Fellowship of Red
Was really widespread
How many rhymes of blue,
he never had no clue.
Yellow was so mellow
And loved to eat jell-o.
Green was keen,
A lean mean machine.

Poor Orange only had
Borange and Dorange.
He went around muttering
Gorange, morange, Porange?

It was a fruitless quest,
And he had already guessed
That he had not been blessed
With a rhyme for Orange!

Till he met with Purple,
As lonely as can be
Orange asked him "don’t you ever
Get lonesome like me?"

Purple sighed and said,
"No Durple, Turple for me.
Is there a Zurple by any chance?"
He asked wistfully.

Over this rhyme-less state
They sat in deep contemplation
Till some one said, “Hey look!
What a fabulous Combination!”

Isn’t there really
A rhyme for Orange?


OrangeJammies said...

Poor, poor Orange
has no words that rhyme,
but maybe he's just unique
in this individualistic time.

Lucky, lucky Orange
he stands out alone,
in an age where other colors
must their fate bemoan.

I can't stop churning godawful poetry.... haaaaalp!

Pendulum said...

LOL- I really enjoyed reading this poem. Its actually the crazy kind of thing I would love to read after a bad day at work.