Friday, March 24, 2006

Be my house.

If you will be my house,
be my walls.
Stones and bricks.
Surround me.
Keep out the storm.
Be my walls.

If you wish to.
then be my roof,
my shelter, my shade
cover me on a rainy day
at nights show me stars
be my roof.

You really wanna
be my windows?

Wake me with a sunbeam
let in the morning breeze,
Be my eyes, as I see the world
birds chirp on the sill
and trellis up the window frame

Would you rather be my kitchen
and quench my hunger and thirst?
or my bed and couch
where I rest my self?

But you're the electricity
that dazzles my rooms
and powers me up.

Or may be none of that,
just be the rainbow colours
of my walls and drapes
and pots, pans and dishes,
my towel, my wardrobe.

You are welcome to choose
all that you wish to be,
you may be my
complete house instead.
but not my foundation honey,
not really that.

Because you see,
That has to be Me.

Walls are shaken in quakes
roofs blown off in storms
windows rust and colours fade,
kitchens fall apart,
But a house may still stand.

But if my foundation walks away
where will I live?


hawk lady said...

Suniti, your 'experiments' are turning out quite well, must say :)

Shankari said...

My first time to your blog, if this post be an indicator, I shall keep coming back! Lovely poem Suniti. :)

suniti said...

Thank you Lady, Thank you Shankari :) As I said, these are 'Experiments' :)
Feel much encouraged :)