Saturday, April 15, 2006

Law has long arms, or Has it ?

Law has long arms,
so he had always heard
But never knew exactly how long,
till he had erred,

Even breaking the tiniest rule,
He always got caught,
A few times even when not,
because they Thought-

-He had guilt scribbled
all over his face.
And as there is no smoke without a fire,
the guilt must have a base.

Our lawmen aren't taught
that to Err is Human,
Nor are they told that,
it's divine to forgive,

They caught him even when
he held a valid ticket.
For his face kind of looked
suspiciously evasive.

They warned him it was wikkit,
to travel without a tikkit !

When a convict escaped
He was interogated-
-With a nasty gleam in their eyes,
which he truly hated

When a heist was made,
he was promptly nabbed.
Dead, or alive, injured or shot-
to be grabbed.

His photos soon graced
all the police stations walls,
along with all the call centers,
wedding halls, malls and stalls.

After being hounded
for the crimes not committed
He learnt to shun the law,
like a decease transmitted.

He quit his day job
and stayed in the house,
He boarded up the windows
and hid quietly as a mouse,

He stopped going out
for a stroll in the park,
and he took up a new job
at a petrol pump after dark

He stuck on a fake beard
and a moustache too.
And when called by name,
looked straight in the eye and said "who?"

His face soon acquired pallor,
his eyes sunken and red,
He shuffled down the street,
in dark glares and a hat over his head.

He learnt to evade the law,
but it created a situation dire
For there began a whispered campaign
that he indeed was a Vampire.

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