Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Unicorn and the Maiden Fair

In a magical forest, in the faraway land
there lived a fierce,untamed Unicorn.

His mane was the longest, his hooves were the strongest,
a fearless Beast,he was king of the forest

his snort was loud and his eyes had the boldest stare
but the Unicorn longed to be tamed by a maiden fair.

Maidens are a myth,every unicorn knows.
Yet his heart yearned for the wondrous sight

as He galloped the forest in a furious flight,
and The dust clouds dark turned the day into night.

He reached a lake one night, in deep despair.
and his eyes beheld on the lake shore, a Maiden Fair.

The unicorn gazed at the bewitching sight,
a maiden fair,in the silvery light,

with the moon on her face and the sun in her hair
she looked alarmed,and ready for flight.

He stood transfixed and gave a bewildered stare
the unicorn gazed with awe at the vision fair.

"What are you, a phantom? A vision surreal?
A vivid illusion,I do declare.

a dream to torment me through the night,
just to vanish in the misty air.

Go away! Be gone from my sight, O Spectre Fair!
You don’t exist! You can’t! You just aren’t there!

The maiden said "It's you, Who’s a myth,
Inhabiting a universe phantasmagoric

who does not exist outside the realm
of legends, a world that is surrealistic.

I am but a simple maiden, not a being rare,
You I believe have emerged out of thin air.

This world, the universe, and heavens above
Our Kith and kin and bonds of love,

You and I, all are Mere illusions.
Manifestation Of Imagination.

If YOU will believe in my existence, if you care
Then I will believe you exist, said the maiden fair.

Her eyes were kind, Loving and clear,
and slowly he moved nearer and nearer.

She stretched her hand and touched his mane,
murmuring his name again and again.

And embraced him to her heart with a gentle prayer
The Unicorn at last had found his maiden fair.


Jhumur said...

You had told me once that you believed in magic.....the Unicorn is proof of that belief :)). May the Unicorn and the Maiden Fair live happily ever after :)).

suniti said...

I hope so too!

Quicksilver! said...

Wowie,Suniti! Worth the wait I would say!
Beautiful and magical! Loved it!:))))


P:S:Why isnt it on Caferati?

Anonymous said...

SUNIcorn :)

gautami tripathy said...

Fairytale and magic! How I wish.....

Blue Athena said...

When I'd read this elsewhere too, I'd wondered at your ability to weave these magical words!

Well done! :)