Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Friends and assorted animals .


Billi is not one of them
Ordinary cats.

She has swish in the tail,
and she stalks them rats.

In the quiet of the night
You can hear her silence.

A fresh trail of blood is
the only visible evidence.

The Rat-pack got rousing mad,
and turned quite bastardly,

They hatched a plan,which was
really really dastardly.

They ranted and puffed their
little ratty chests,

They searched high and low
getting quite desperate,

But couldn’t find a single Rat,
Who could bell the Elusive Cat.


Arjun Bali is such a cool dude
He makes his girls take a swim in nude
He soaks them to gills,
From Spring to winter chills
Then packs and sells them as fish food.

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