Monday, June 11, 2007


Soapy red hands

clean glasses for the wine

rivulets of sweat snake

Slowly down the spine

Damp tendrils plastered on

clammy forehead

Cooking in the kitchen

On a scorching summer day

Custard on the stove

Is waiting to be stirred

Cucumber slices are chilled

ready for the bread

Frosty Mango punch is

What the heart desires

Quiche in the oven

has almost caught fire

Time to get dressed,

Gosh! Is it almost six?

Pink chiffon saree

Ought to do the trick.

Or maybe that sexy

Peek-a-boo dress ?

Pearls studs or dangling

earrings will impress ?

A flick of a brush just

Before you arrive

And a walk thru the mist of

Chanel No five.

Wine is on the ice,

Candles flicker in the breeze.

Heady gardenia intoxicates,

and fairy lights in the trees

Set up by the pool

Is a table for two

Nothing to be done

Except for waiting for you.

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