Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GPF # 1

has a patron saint: William Wordsworth, in whose opinion, poetry "is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings." After reading too many such outpourings, instead of fighting them, for one fortnight every year, we join them!


GPF # 1

After perusing the classics
After researching the old masters
Meters and stuff Jurassics (1)
My poems are still disasters

To rhyme better than a vogon (2)
was my modest aspiration.
Many a fiery slogan
Was coined in this exertion.

Now I fix my hope to master
The poems and verses basic,
on a flask or a canister
Of Gargleblasters trans galactic.(3)

Notes :-
1. Jurassic- Google it or ask Spielberg.
2. Vogon- Google it. Read H2G2 haven't read it yet ???
3. Trans galactic Gargleblaster - A quaff for the strong hearted.
Guaranteed to blow you to the next galaxy.

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