Sunday, August 23, 2009

GPF # 2

has a patron saint: William Wordsworth, in whose opinion, poetry "is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings." After reading too many such outpourings, instead of fighting them, for one fortnight every year, we join them!


GPF # 2

O your eyes! O your Eyes!
Like twin stars in the skies.
They make a storm
in my bosom arise

Lo! Behold ! they are
Peeping at me,
from a cloud of curls,
they slowly unfurl,
Pushing me towards
an early demise
Your eyes!!

One sparkles white
and the other shines blue!
Every time I behold a cross eyed star
I will think of you -
And your eyes !!

One sparkles blue
and the other shines white
As I lie awake on a lonely night
thinking of your eyes-
tell me dear heart-
Must we ever say good byes?

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