Friday, April 28, 2006

Unadulterated ME- without apologies.

I am a beauty, the whole world knows,

At, at least I do,

That’s enough for me.

Men have fought for my attentions,

At least, that’s

what I like to believe.

A pointy chin,

And a flat big nose,

Easier for sniffing out the news,

A bully, a busybody,

A Ms. Know all,

An insufferable Goody Two shoes.

When people ask me

How Tall I am,

This raises snigger and a laugh,

From toes to head

I measure only

Four feet, eleven and a half,

Interfering, busybody,

Opinions differ,

I would just like to say,

Love me or hate me,

Like me or lump me

Matters not, I am here to stay.

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