Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Ring

I am fascinated by old desks, they always have a story to tell. Here is one such.

The Ring.

Clearing his Father’s desk ,
He found an ancient ring.

Encased in a small wooden box,
Stuck behind the paneling

Father wasn’t there any more,
He felt lost and bereft.

This ring was found among
The Papers that were left.

The metal was tarnished and black
It looked cheap and old-

Was it silver- copper or brass?
No- definitely not Gold.

He took it near the window
And examined its shine,

A mere trinket it was for sure,
But with intriguing design.

As he looked at it more closely
Through a magnifying glass

He found the faint inscription-
‘This Too Shall Pass.'

The words echoed inside him.
Filling the emptiness within

He had heard his father often say
the very same words to him,

The air was strangely still
As he felt a presense intense...

Was He here ? consoling him
Through the impossible distance?

He thought he heard a faint murmur
of his father's gentle tones

His fingers tightly gripped the ring,
and he knew he wasn't alone.

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