Sunday, July 10, 2005

Tell me how....

Something wonderful happened when I posted this poem on a writer's network. It inspired many more.
I would like to present them together as it can be seen as a wonderful dialogue between sexes.


What does one do
with a man..
Who listens to sounds
beyond the sounds.
Whose eyes see
visions which no one can?

How does one woo
A man
Who like an oyster
from the alien seas …
listens to Far away tides?

How to make him stay..forever-
if such a thing exists…

This elusive, subtle,
shadowy, enigmatic,
mystifying man !

Tell me HOW
it can be done…..




Never knew you'd take a look,
else I'd never have kept my book
open for your eyes to read
and trumpet evidence of your deed!




A Vagabond heart
He's never yours to hold onto.
Its the freedom, the unfettered existence
Which makes him what he is within.
He could never be made to stay
But would perhaps stay if allowed to go.
A Spirit, as restless as a hurrying creek
Cannot be stilled into a silent lake.
You could perhaps be the bank
To run with him till eternity
Or perhaps be a little leaf
And let him take you on his journey
Who knows what mysteries you will unfold
Who knows what magic he will show you
The Vagabond heart
He could be yours forever....

-Sujaya Narahari.


Why you have to be so possesive
and yearn to take away my freedom?
I am a free bird,
your world is my kingdom!

Seeker, seeker
seek something else.
Love, that is not binding,
will get plenty, not any less.

I am generous
don't need to woo me
you already have me
just open your eyes and see!

-Musten Jiruwala.



Oh but I know not that my heart be vagabond,
for my heart forever has sought rest.
Seeker I may be, but that helps seeks out
the wonder in each passing moment,
however to be a Seer is a tall claim
I can’t myself make.
There are fleeting glimpses of floating memories
and ephemeral visions when times linearity dilates...
but each of us has our own perspective,
so spokesperson I can hardly, for myself, claim.
Thus for myself I speak, a seeker only seeks the truth...
for truth has a fragrance that all can share.
And when you know that
the fragrance forever and everywhere abounds,
then what's there to keep?
What’s there to get?

-Avi Das.


Some people are like travellers
Some people are like the tree
Either way, different sights,
both of them get to see

Be strong and steady like the tree
Stand tall, but offer your shade
When he returns, weary and worn,
his shoes he might gladly trade,

for a familiar spot at your feet,
for a patch of grass to lie on
And if he does not tread that path
let bygones be bygones.

-Anitha Murthy.


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