Saturday, July 02, 2005

Summer.-A Collage

Temperature soars
And mercury sizzles

Every one longs for
Unexpected drizzles

Every one is sweaty
Every one is tanned.

Every one is drinking
juices fresh or canned.

Some lucky souls
Go camping in the hills

Summer is the time
For soaring power bills.

Going for a flick
In cool movie halls

Strolling on the beach
Eating Ice Gola balls.

Dancing in the sprinklers,
Or splashing in the pool

Anything at all
To stay a little cool.

White cotton skirts
Billow in the breeze

Wide brimmed hat
On a picture pretty Ms..

Pale Pastel hues of
Green and blue and pink.

Watermelon juice,
With a garnish of mint !!

Barefoot in the park
carefree and gay

Doze in the shade and
Dream away the day

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